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Start-Ups & Growth

Fund-raising for start-ups can be stressful and difficult. Let us guide you through the capital raising process so that your business has the best chance of becoming an unicorn.

We know what start-up investors are looking for: a thoroughly thought out concept, a well articulated business plan; and efficient operations. We want to understand all these aspects of your business so that we can help you figure out how best to raise funds and present your business to investors. At the early stages, this includes highlighting immediate red-flags within the business which might turn away potential investors to the review of your presentation deck to make sure it tells the right story. Once things are in order, we can then tap on our network to figure out which investors might be interested in your business.

In the event a term sheet or an offer comes in, we then help you through the documentation process. Put simply, we help you understand what you are signing up for, which can be confusing in a world of terminology and jargon like redeemable convertible preference shares or SAFE agreements.

Our experience in helping other start-ups allows us to help you navigate your way through this process and allow you to raise the funds you need to keep building your business to the next level.

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